Comments: The Hunting of the Snark

He's such a moron. And a lying pos. Elected by moron livs.

Nevertheless, all the gov wanna-be tyrant types love them some shotgun clubs. Go to an exclusive facility, check out your guns, hobnob with the high and mighty, doing stuff the hoi polloi can't afford, and leave your guns for the help to clean and put away in the locker.

You never see these gov types doing the dirty dull non-productive work of going to the range for proficiency practice, hobnobbing with the rest of the citizenry, and spending the time afterwards to clean their tools and make them ready.

And unlike Paul Ryan, most of 'em are like Cheney, where the game is tame and plentiful in the fenced enclosure, just ready to die for your desired "hunting" photo opportunity.

You'll spend as much on a high-quality Italian-made trap gun as a fancy set of golf clubs. Spending a couple of hours with the gang doing a round of skeet or trap, with drinks afterward, is every bit as high-class as a round of golf at the country club.

He probably did it once, and they gave him presentations even a near-sighted 8-year-old American boy would vaporize with a .410. So the Dunning-Kruger narcissist thinks he's now the shit, and one of the good ol' boys.

Thanks alot, you stupid low-information voters. Now we have to put up with the Usurper's malevolent nonsense for another long four years. I hope the crow you're gonna gag on tastes like ... ashes and dust.

Posted by John A. Fleming at January 28, 2013 4:12 PM

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