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And now we can't get a Chevy Volt to go 40 miles before catching fire. Progress!

Posted by Don Rodrigo at February 14, 2013 9:28 AM


Posted by emily at February 14, 2013 9:33 AM

That's what you get when every part is "S" class and proof tested before installation, and every solder joint is absolutely, positively, inspected by two levels of QA, perfect. Oh, and the temperature never changes, there's no atomic oxygen to corrode exposed metals, and there's darn little dust to physically erode everything. At this point, it'd talk to us for another 1000 years if it had the power.

Posted by John A. Fleming at February 14, 2013 2:41 PM

Creations like this are why guys are cool.

I wonder if any of its designers secretly used duct tape on any part of it, you know, just in case.

Posted by Kerry at February 14, 2013 5:22 PM

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