Comments: Surprise! The ObamaCare Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is Kaput

(I'm writing this to my good friend, who in spite of he and I being simpatico on much, this pre-existing condition thingie over-rode everything. Finally! People would get the insurance they needed when they got sick.)

Sucker! Rube! Now shutup and pay your new Supreme Court mandated taxes so all those new illegal immigrants can get first-class free care gratefully for their new padrones, and the money runs out on them too. Neither you nor they will ever get that pie in the sky free first-class healthcare. In two years man, you and your kids will be making life and death decisions like you do your dog. Have fun in Costa Rica, and hope we don't have that cw/rev which dries up the USGov bennies before the dirt nap.

Posted by John A. Fleming at February 19, 2013 5:48 PM

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