Comments: This is an actual civil war, as in a conflict between ideologically-opposed factions within the civilian and political population of a country.

I've been sayin', I've been sayin', I've been sayin' ...

We are already in an actual, not analogous civil war now, by which I refer to Clausewitz's dictum that war, to be war, requires two thing:

1. Opposing forces that are trained and armed with weapons of war, or between one force so armed and another that is not, and

2. Killing. "Without killing there is no war."

Well, we've got both going on now, although thankfully, the killing is very low. For now.

"America's low-intensity civil war"

"January 20: "Fort Sumter Friday"

Marco Rubio said the other day, "I don't know of a civilization in the history of the world that's been able to solve its problems when half the people in a country absolutely hate the other half of the people in that country."

I have tried to be a serious student of American history, and what I hear and see today seems frighteningly similar to the national polity of the 1850s. That did not end well. And the outlook is dim since secession is breaking out all over.

Posted by Donald Sensing at February 10, 2017 11:12 AM

Posted by tim at February 10, 2017 11:39 AM


For the last 60 years or so, every time I hear that shrieking racket it appeals to me as a desperate plea to be shut the fuck up.

By any means necessary.

Posted by Rob De Witt at February 10, 2017 5:50 PM

If you aren't "all ready" by now you probably never will be and victimization will be your future.

What does "all ready" mean?

In your mind you know that there is the very real possibility that someone will attack you and do major harm.

In your mind you also know that you cannot allow that to happen.

The primary goal of life is to defy death any way possible.

Death isn't always ugly and terrifying.
Many times if is friendly and helpful.

If you have only 1 small gun and know how to use it (have put many hundreds of rounds down range with it) then you have an advantage over a majority of the other people out there who are going be victims soon.

Cowards seek the easiest of victims.

Harden your heart.

Posted by ghostsniper at February 10, 2017 6:45 PM

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