Comments: Ideological conservatives have spent the past several decades pretending they didn’t need Muscle.

Number 1 should be:
Large quantities of men with high levels of testosterone and moderate or better IQ to implement the other suggestions and above all else, CUT ALL THE FREEBIES AND ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS.

Without that nothing else matters.

Posted by ghostsniper at March 16, 2017 6:35 AM

". . . AND ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS" Most of the existing laws are much of the problem. Are they not?

Posted by Terry at March 16, 2017 7:56 AM

#3 can be sufficient. The Wrongs need a place of their own to implement their wrong ideas and to experience the consequences.
In the good old days it was called
quarantining or imprisonment, depending on the type of malady.

Posted by Howard Nelson at March 17, 2017 7:42 PM

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