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"Is Intersectionality a Religion?"

No. It is a disease. Multiple diseases really. And all of them are voluntary.

Look at this, from that article:
"...if you are white or male or straight..."

Those traits describe me, in part, and none of them are voluntary, they just are. Yet I am to be blamed for them.

Isn't that exactly what they are arguing about?

Long ago a very old architect that was born in the 19th century told me this and I have pondered it many times in many circumstances over the decades, "You're trying to pick the pepper out of the fly shit." That is what these people are doing. Digging at microscopic nothings that no one can change anyway, nor should they. This is the root of individual diversity if you will and isn't that what they claim to want?

Or are they just lying again?
They like their racism, religionism, sexism, whatevahism, as long as it's the one in fashion right now. The fact that they are wearing their isms on their sleeves right out front and center and pummeling everyone else with them with no self reflection indicates there is fog in their brain that is blinding their eyes.

Cut ALL freebies, enforce ALL laws.
It really is THAT simple.

Posted by ghostsniper at March 15, 2017 2:33 PM

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