Comments: The population of addicts is like the population of deer.

One more thing the Boomers have to answer for.

Posted by Fred Flatiron at April 18, 2017 5:25 PM

I'm a *boomer* and I'll answer only for myself.

The whole *drug culture* is one more epidemic this rotten assed gov't has created. People have always been attracted to things that they shouldn't but only those things the gov't spotlight's get the attention.

When a punk kicks your door in at 3 am to steal your stuff do you really give a shit what he's planning to do with the proceeds? "Oh, but Mr Ghost, if the hapless soul was not addicted to krak he wouldn't be kicking my door in!"

Hapless soul indeed. As if doors weren't kicked in before the gov't pedestalled the druggists.

If you are an individualist you will take responsibility for your entire life and dust that asshole post haste and care not of the emotionalism.

Posted by ghostsniper at April 19, 2017 4:34 AM

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