Goat Crossfit: I'm making this my new gym routine!

Too funny. MontyPython level of eccentric.

Only 10k views on YouTube.
Probably a little too close to home for Kimye wannabe's amongst the social media's callow youth...

On the other hand, watching some of her other videos...she could be truly nutso. Oh well.
Still funny.

Posted by foodog at April 5, 2017 1:43 AM

I loved the look of dismay on her kids' faces.

Would not want to be them though, when their school mates discover this video!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Posted by Jim at April 5, 2017 7:12 AM

Who's laughing now? I am; that was witty

Posted by Callmelennie at April 5, 2017 8:01 AM

She's got about 100,000 goats to go.

Posted by Doug at April 5, 2017 8:54 AM