Comments: Pop Quiz: When is a gun NOT loaded? Bueller? Bueller?

"...holding the gun to his own head..."

One less *bad ass* runnin' around.

A dollar to a donut he was not initiated to guns at an early age by a responsible and experienced gunner.

Guns mean what they say, listen to em.

Now back to Tombstone Tactical where I'm ordering a new barrel for the current AR build.

Posted by ghostsniper at April 12, 2017 1:19 PM

All part of Darwin's plan.

Posted by Bill Jones at April 12, 2017 1:24 PM

Beer was involved.

Posted by pbird at April 12, 2017 3:12 PM

I had a HS classmate who did that. "My new nine has 3safties. Can't go off by accident" Ka Bang.

Posted by Bang Gunley at April 12, 2017 5:21 PM

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