Comments: "How does my hair look," she asked before blowing out the candles on her 117th birthday cake last year.

Perhaps we shall yet find someone who was born in 1900. That would still be the 19th century.

Posted by Grizzly at April 15, 2017 7:02 PM

Trippy. Her life reached halfway back to the writing of the constitution.

I wonder if them 2 eggz were dippy's?

Posted by ghostsniper at April 15, 2017 7:07 PM

Playing on the casino's money.

Posted by Clinton at April 16, 2017 9:21 PM

And our 10th President, John Tyler, born in 1790 still has 2 living grandsons! Makes my head explode!

Posted by Rick at April 18, 2017 11:20 AM

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