God Bless Ann Coulter.

Posted by Magnolia at May 9, 2017 6:02 AM

I made it all the way to 34 seconds and then the urge to kill started consuming me. I turned it off and I'm better now.

Posted by Jack at May 9, 2017 7:19 AM

"Everyday americans need a champion and I want to be that champion."

This is as far as I got.
How do you even respond to such a thing?
It is a tragedy that I have been forced to despise this thing for the past 2+ decades.

Posted by ghostsniper at May 9, 2017 8:29 AM

Hillary is disturbing but what is most disturbing are the Zombie hoards that actually voted for her...and their mental disposition is in a terminal arc to create a large scale crater.

Posted by indyjonesouthere at May 9, 2017 1:10 PM

She is a champion, probably the greatest bribe taker the world has ever seen.

Posted by Denny at May 9, 2017 1:39 PM

The commenters above who couldn't take any more Hillary missed the best part. Give it another chance—the producers did a fine job.

At around the halfway point, I started chuckling. Then I LOL'd. Then I began guffawing with great belly larfs, as I watched the snowflake contingent implode. It was pure schadenfreude.

Skip the first half, and watch the second half. It will make you feel all warm and cuddly inside. You might even go to church or temple this weekend, because you've witnessed a true miracle...

Posted by Smokey at May 12, 2017 8:00 PM