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"Falling birth rates..."

Never mind the costs associated with it.
I keep seeing this falling birthrate stuff and then....nothing.
Or, the only reason is selfish egoism.
Here's my reason.

In 1987 our one and only child was 8 years old and my wife was unable to continue on the BC route she had been on. The alternative, party balloons, was not acceptable but what's a poor boy to do???

Later that year I read an article in the WSJ that said at that time it required about $185k to raise a child from conception through college graduation. Wow.

Suddenly the path was clear. We will never have another child. So I made an appointment with the urologist and had it done.

That $185k is now over $300k.
If I was in my 20's again and knew that I could be hindered with such a cost I'd probably make that appointment.

Posted by ghostsniper at May 17, 2017 2:38 PM

That's only because you (foolishly) expect to be responsible for your own bills! Once you realize that you can, (should), (MUST!) surrender your child to the state then all these foolish burdens fall away!

(You are black? Right?)

Posted by John The River at May 18, 2017 5:58 PM

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