Let Us Now Praise Famous Hosters

Some time ago, on your recommendation Gerard, I moved my site to Hosting Matters. They are every bit as good as you give them credit for.

Their control panel is a thing of beauty, too -- a user friendly interface for setting up SQL, file management, stats, etc. Easier than any I've ever used.

I found them to be inexpensive, also -- I use their $11 plan and it works fine.

I have subsequently moved two other sites I run over to them, also.

Posted by The Colossus at March 4, 2005 1:16 PM

I have two small sites, and they are just as responsive to me.

Another impressive thing about HM: They are on our side. Big anti-idiotarian blogs like LGF that attract jihadi and extreme lefty hackers are constantly under cyberattack, often very cleverly. A company that didn't want to deal with this would tell someone like Charles, "Thanks, but you're too much trouble for us, we don't need your business." But HM enjoys outwitting the hackers and supporting that kind of blog.

Posted by Yehudit at March 4, 2005 2:40 PM